MINING PROJECT is looking for Sponsors

A short overview about the mining project in Banjar – Sultanate:
The company, Kalimantan, Indonesia, got the licence for mining and exporting of precious stones and metals under environmental friendly conditions. Locals have to be involved in the project. Since centuries gold and diamonds are found in Kalimantan, more than half of the dutch crown jewels are from Banjar, former Dutch-East-Indies. The production is chaotic, old-fashioned, environmental destroying. The company will give the technical and scientific know-how for efficient mining into this project and will use the global connections for selling. The locals have 20% of the Pt. without interference in the management.

In this company – is a stake of 20 % for sale. The investor gets 20 % stake with an ROI of approx 5 years. The Stake Price -20%- total is USD POR.

In the first full operaiting year is a net profit before tax of at least EUR 30 million calculated. In subsequent years we calculate an annual taxable income of minimum 20%
It should be noted that the cost are calculated very conservatively.

Contact: E F +49 160 4810 030